Career Center

Dates in existence:
Brief history: The Career Center provides students and alumni of full-time programs in the Whiting School of Engineering and the Krieger School of Arts and Science with career counseling.
Alternate Names Dates in Use
Office of Career Planning and Development 1960s (?)-2000s
Placement Bureau 1934-1960s (?)

Related Retention Schedules:

Series Applicability/Use Retention Period Disposition Schedule Status Approval Date
Career Advising Records Student files containing the files of Johns Hopkins University graduates looking for teaching positions at secondary schools, colleges and universities. Each file may contain the student's application, job referrals, letters of recommendation, academic and personal information and any correspondence between the applicant and the Career Center. 10 years following the student's date of last attendance (graduation, dismissal, withdrawal, death or unknown absence). Destroy confidentially (shred or permanently delete). Administrators have reserved the right to keep individual files longer at their discretion and cost. Draft

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